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The Pala Digital Denture Process


STEP 1: 3D Scan

The bite, mandibular, and maxillary impressions taken with Pala Digital Dentures patented tray system are converted into digital impressions using our 3D scanner.


STEP 2: Digital Articulation

The impressions are digitally articulated to the bite using our automatic impression recognition.


STEP 3: Digital Arch Detection & Teeth Setup

Teeth are placed following the optimal teeth arch shape and information provided by the dentist.


STEP 4: Digital Customization

Pala Digital Dentures certified modeler revises and finalizes the denture model and makes additional adjustments if requested by the dentist.


STEP 5: 3D Printing

The finalized denture model is loaded into the 3D printer. The 3D printed prototype is shipped to the dentist for a prototype or directly converted to the final denture.

* Please note pricing may be subject to change due to laboratory pricing. If you have questions on pricing, please consult with your laboratory partner.